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Info Libre
Info Libre t-shirt
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Late '91-early '92 the logo of the blindfolded figurehead , which symbolises freedom of speech, also appears as part of the album cover, of same name.
Check out Daves guitar! The original back print is quite simply '2001 and beyond'.
An original would be black/white but as a reprint to celebrate the fact that we are still here in 2001 (and beyond)I strongly recommend a silver print on black, it should last a few washes at least! ….GRAB

Sniffin Glue 1992 tour, a celebratory, the artwork for this masterpiece, a zerox copy of what originally was a zerox copy of the first famous fanzine, written by Danny Baker (yes I saw people from mars!!) and ATV's very own Mark Perry.
This particular picture of the Sham as they were in 1978, was used as the anniversary issue cover. Yes that's right 12th edition Sniffin glue, originally printed on a shirt with hand painted screen . Theres only a few of them out there , but these days what was originally original anyway….?
Strictly only available white print on black shirt..Trust me !!GRAB
Well ye pirates of the punk/rock world, whats left at this time to do,this figure head is one that most of us can relate to,literally blagged and bootlegged from a pair of leggings found by chance on an outdoor stall at the Reipperbahn whilst on tour/holiday with motorhead in 1993 just after my first visit to a titty bar…relevant…who cares anyway, great shirt though, d'ya want one or what?ssshh! don't tell anyone, bonus back print white on black only. We might throw in a safety pin as well! ……GRAB>>>& ENJOY
A Files t-shirt
Also the album/concept logo- 1998. Now, we developed this artwork through painstaking months of collage and lego, until our team of hi tech artists came up with this strong logotistical image which we used, layered and imposed on Mr Pursey's punk midrift.! Nah, not really…it was a birthday present of a packet of collectable stickers from w.h.smith muldy & skuller are all the rage don't ya know, and a snapshot of Jimmy's jeans outside on his balcony, do you get the picture yet..have you even heard of the A Files they came b4 ex……did you know they're out there?...>>>>>ENJOY
99% 2000
99% 2000 t-shirt
Currently out of stock
The first taster from the long awaited current album with it's new name Direct Action day 21. The tee shirt remains the same , this is the beginning of the new face, a special white one off only because the image pasted onto this shirt is what is the important thing this time around, a different side to Sham for a minute, not everyones cup of tea, but does look stunning on slim fitted top by special request. normal sizes available, remember this one is only printed on white GRAB
Direct Action Day 21
2001 & beyond, Tolstoys ape turn the world upside down. Now remember those painstaking months of high tech artistry I was talking about earlier this is this album This is what I was really talking about, this album has been redesigned, reapproached re-written in places remixed, revamped. This album has been hot 'n' cold little bit o' this little bit o' that Maaad as a cow ! but always a bit near the mark….for the last 4 years ! Any shirt we could print to this would be a mere souvenir of this monumental historical musical recording …… if you're thinking of hurrying up and going down the pub, wiv yaow new Sham army shirt, I would suggest you are living in the past and should basically just avoid Sham ! If the kids are united. ! >>>>ENJOY

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